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New Episodes

Welcome to “Your Online Coffee Break” podcast with episodes that inspire, educate and entertain with your host Chuck Fields.

Join us each week as we interview amazing go-getters around (and above) the world on a variety of topics that include new movies and music, to space, science, Christian topics and much more–all in bite-sized episodes.

129. LOST SAINTS and LIDDY CLARK (2-guest country music special)

Lost Saints and Liddy Clark are climbing the charts!  Rising country music artists Lost Saints and Liddy Clark join us...

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128. Mars Helicopter INGENUITY with Chief Engineer J. (Bob) Balaram

Mars Helicopter Ingenuity launching July 2020   In this episode J. (Bob) Balaram, Chief Engineer for the Mars helicopter INGENUITY project...

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127. AIR SUPPLY – The Lost in Love Experience – interview with Graham Russell

In this episode we interview Graham Russell of Air Supply. Graham Russell, along with Russell Hitchcock, formed Air Supply 45 years...

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126. GALAXIES: Inside the Universe’s Star Cities – with Dave Eicher

GALAXIES: Inside the Universe’s Star Cities by Dave Eicher is out now! In this episode we first briefly recap the successful...

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Show Host

Chuck Fields

Software innovator, award-winning marketer and astronomy buff.

I’m Chuck Fields, the host of Your Online Coffee Break.

I have more than 20 years of experience in application development, business analysis, marketing and project leadership.

I fell in love with astronomy at a young age, where I ventured into astrophotography and had my first photo published internationally at the age of 15. I started my career as a marketing director, where I did some pretty wacky PR stunts like having a dinosaur run lose through a city before we cornered it (with the help of local police) on the roof of a downtown building.

I also fell in love with technology and computer programming, eventually starting my own web/software development consulting company in 2006 ( It’s here where I found that sometimes you need to take a break from the busyness of life in order to see clearly. Hence came the birth of Your Online Coffee Break.

So step back, sip that coffee, and browse through our podcasts that will hopefully inspire you, educate you, or entertain you (maybe all three!).

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