105. DRY BAR COMEDY – The World’s Largest Stand-Up Comedy Brand – with co-founder Jeff Harmon

Jeff Harmon, along with his brother Neil Harmon, is a co-founder of Dry Bar Comedy, the fastest-growing comedy franchise in the world—and it’s all CLEAN comedy! Created in 2017, Dry Bar Comedy has more than 20 million views a week—and growing fast. Every Dry Bar show is created on stage at their comedy club in Provo, Utah. Hundreds of mainstream comedians have performed so far and now Dry Bar Comedy is about to hit the road on a U.S. tour.

For more information, visit https://drybarcomedy.com

Comedy clips in this episode (in order of appearance):

  • Zoltan Kaszas
  • Erica Rhodes
  • Kellen Erskine
  • Ty Barnett
  • JJ Barrows
  • Arvin Mitchell
  • Jeff Allen

Check out our interview with Comedian Jeff Allen: https://www.onlinecoffeebreak.com/101

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