45. IBM’s Watson – How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the World – Bret Greenstein

Bret Greenstein, IBM Watson IoTArtificial Intelligence (AI), IoT, Machine Learning & IBM’s Watson are changing the world. In this episode, Bret Greenstein, (formerly) IBM's Global Vice President for Watson IoT Offerings, discusses the future of AI as well as the capabilities and impact of Watson, IBM's supercomputer.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bret recently at Kennedy Space Center for the launch of the SpaceX CRS-15 resupply mission to the International Space Station. On board the spacecraft was CIMON, an orb-shaped device with a digital face that was jointly developed by IBM, Airbus and the German Aerospace Center (DLR). CIMON uses the power of IBM’s Watson to provide Artificial Intelligence aboard the space station. In today's episode Bret also discusses how Watson helps CIMON provide AI for the astronauts and what the future of AI looks like.

For more information about Watson, visit www.ibm.com/watson

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