60. Mr. Speed – The World’s Best KISS Tribute Band

Mr. Speed was voted “the Best KISS Tribute Band in the World” in the 2012 KISS OFF competition by guitarist Tommy Thayer himself. Rich Kosak, “The Starchild” member for Mr. Speed, joins us to discuss how the rock band KISS inspired them and how they've risen to an amazing success of their own since their start 24 years ago. Rich, along with band members Joe, Jim and Quinton,  are currently on a North American tour.

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2 comments on “60. Mr. Speed – The World’s Best KISS Tribute Band

  1. Tom Davis says:

    We had them at the Riley Festival in Greenfield, IN.
    They are AWESOME.
    A MUST SEE!!

    1. Chuck says:

      Thanks for listening Tom! This interview was recorded just about 50 yards away (and a couple hours before) their concert at the Riley Festival.

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