Meltdown and Spectre Bugs Explained

Meltdown & Spectre have hit the news recently as device manufacturers and software organizations are beginning to roll out updates to help keep everyone safe. In this episode I explain what these are and what you can do to help mitigate their effects for yourself and your organization:

  1. Meltdown Explained
  2. Spectre Explained
  3. How to protect yourself


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Three things you can do right now to reduce your risk of a Cyber attack

In this episode we discuss the three best practices for keeping you, your employees, and your critical data safe from hackers.

  1. Cybersecurity Policy
  2. Password best practices
  3. Backup your data

Cybersecurity is the process of keeping your digital files and assets safe from theft or attack. A Cybersecurity Policy is basically a formal set of rules for staff to follow to help prevent theft of information assets.

Passwords must be changed on a regular basis and must be strong/complex. Making them memorable is a big help, but never share them or write them down. Instead use a password manager, such as LastPass or Dashlane.

Backup your data automatically on a continuous basis. Online services such as Crashplan, Carbonite, BackBlaze and MozyPro are available which encrypt your files for safety. But be sure to verify your backup system works!